Swift 16: establishing 16 new nest sites in 2016

One of our year 1 projects has been to establish at least 16 new nesting sites in Maidenhead, Marlow and Cookham by the end of 2016.


We've done it! And with 10 months of the year still to go!


This is the list of 19 new sites to date, all but five involving boxes made and installed by BBONB. There are 12 new sites in Maidenhead, four in Cookham and three in Marlow. 


Site 1: Maidenhead, Norfolk Road 

Site 2: Maidenhead, Premier Inn (20 boxes)

Site 3: Cookham Dean

Site 4: Maidenhead, Oaken Grove

Site 5: Cookham Rise

Site 6: Maidenhead, Castle Hill

Site 7: Maidenhead, Gringer Hill

Site 8: Maidenhead, Braywick Nature Centre

Site 9: Maidenhead, Gringer Hill

Site 10: Maidenhead, Larchfield Road

Site 11: Marlow, Station Rise

Site 12: Marlow, Frieth Road

Site 13: Marlow Bottom, Juniper Road

Site 14: Maidenhead, Ebsworth Close

Site 15: Cookham

Site 16: Maidenhead, Gringer Hill

Site 17: Cookham

Site 18: Maidenhead, Oaken Grove

Site 19: Maidenhead, Courthouse area


A huge thanks to BBONB for undertaking the surveying, production and installation at so many sites already!